What’s You Country Name?

If there was one Southern fried country name to suit your personality, just what would it be? Ready to find out which name you would don in the country? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Which comfort food do you like most?
Fried chicken
Macaroni and cheese
Pecan pie

Question 2/10
What do you do on Sunday afternoons?
I have dinner with the family.
I cook something up on the grill.
I take long naps.
I watch the big game.
I run errands.

Question 3/10
Which Southern state would you most like to visit?

Question 4/10
What are you most likely to put on the grill?
Pork belly

Question 5/10
Which cocktail would you most like to try?
Mint julep
Applepie moonshine
Lynchburg lemonade
None for me please

Question 6/10
What do you like most about Southerners?
Their charm
Their accents
Their attitude
Their cooking
Their way of life

Question 7/10
Which famous southerner do you love the most?
Dolly Parton
Elvis Presley
Johnny Cash
Loretta Lynn
Ellen Degeneres

Question 8/10
Which Southern movie do you like most?
Steel Magnolias
Gone With the Wind
Sweet Home Alabama
Fried Green Tomatoes
Cold Mountain

Question 9/10
How charming do you think you are?
I'm as charming as they come!
I'm pretty charming!
I'm not very charming.

Question 10/10
Do you always say "sir" and "ma'am?"
Your country name is Chelsea Dane Wambles! You're a down home girl who is always true to your roots! To you, family is absolutely everything. Nothing comes between you and your kin! Sundays are always reserved for big family dinners and going to church. You're sweet, well mannered, and always looking to lend a hand.

Chelsea Dane Wambles
Your country name is Clementine O'Hara! You're a true Southern belle who loves to get all gussied up and do things the old fashioned way. You're a total flirt who loves a Southern gentleman with a big dose of charm. You grew up wearing colorful sundresses, preparing big pitchers of sweet tea, and talking about whatever social function was coming up in the near future!

Clementine O'Hara
Your country name is Scarlett Joe Montgomery! You're a country gal who can hang with the guys and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Some might describe you as a tomboy, but we'd just say that you're an adventure seeker who isn't afraid to go where you've never gone before. You love riding horses, hunting, and sitting by the lake for hours at a time. You're the true embodiment of that wild country spirit!

Scarlett Joe Montgomery
Your country name is Charlotte Mae! You're a people pleasing country gal who always wants to do right by those you love most. You're helpful, dedicated, and loyal! People always remark that you're as sweet as apple pie! You'd never harm a fly and tend to shy away from any type of confrontation.

Charlotte Mae
Your country name is Laura Dane Field! You're a strong and independent country gal who isn't afraid to do things for herself. You pride yourself on being very self starting and ambitious, always working towards your next goal in life. You don't rely on anyone for anything, even thought it can often mean doing things the hard way. Some might say you're stubborn, but we prefer steadfast!

Laura Dane Field