What’s Your Dominant Irish Personality Trait?

If you were to boast a dominant Irish personality trait, what would it be? Would you be known for your strong convictions? How about your fiery personality? Ready to find out? To the quiz@

Question 1/10
If you were a tree, you would be....
Tall and thin
Wide with twisted roots
Strong and sturdy
Young and snappy

Question 2/10
You're always one to see the world...
Through rose colored glasses.
With hope.
With humor.
With compassion.
With passion.

Question 3/10
Choose an animal:

Question 4/10
Which direction are you?
I don't know.

Question 5/10
When conflict arises, how do you handle it?
I meet it head on.
I have a bit of a temper.
I just confront it and move on.
I cry and become upset.
I avoid it!

Question 6/10
What's the most important thing in life?

Question 7/10
What describes you best?

Question 8/10
What is your favorite season?

Question 9/10
What is your biggest character flaw?
I'm very stubborn.
I tend to procrastinate.
I can be quite temperamental.
I don't think before I speak.
I can be a bit combative.

Question 10/10
What's something you want to do before you die?
Travel the world.
Have a family.
Learn a new language.
Start my own business.
Invent something new.
Your dominant Irish personality trait is having very strong convictions! Whether the topic is football, religion, politics, or even alcohol, you hold your beliefs near and dear to your heart. You will argue anyone who challenges your convictions with passion and gusto. No one can change your mind on a particular topic or idea without you putting up a fight!

You Have Strong Convictions!
Your dominant Irish personality trait is that you are very vivacious! You love to live life to the fullest at every moment. Whether it’s dancing to your favorite songs, indulging in a big meal, or talking with friends, you live a life of passion and excitement!

You Are Vivacious!
Your dominant Irish personality trait is that you love to talk! Let’s face it, you’ve got the gift of gab. You can talk rings around just about anyone. You’re always the person at the social gathering who can keep a crowd entertained with colorful tails, amazing stories, and even a bit of drama. You love to talk and will do so with anyone who is willing to listen!

You Love To Talk!
Your dominant Irish personality trait is that you are very loyal! With strong convictions and steadfast beliefs, you are loyal to those you care for most. If someone insults a friend or dear loved one, they will most likely end up with fight on their hands. You’re fiercely loyal and always willing to stand up for those you hold dear to your heart.

You Are Loyal!
Your dominant Irish personality trait is being very fiery and temperamental! You have very strong beliefs that you hold dear to your heart. You believe you know what’s best for you and those around you, which can often lead to some conflict if you’re not careful. Despite this, others love your fiery nature, passionate soul, and deeply loyal personality.

You Are Fiery!