What’s Your Secret Agenda?

It goes without saying that everyone has a secret agenda. The question is: which secret agenda do you keep? Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal your true secret agenda!

Question 1/10
What makes you happiest?
Helping others
Receiving a promotion
Accomplishing a goal
Being in love
Traveling or trying something new

Question 2/10
What do you want to do this weekend?
Sleep in
Spend time with family
Go on a couple of dates
Fit in a workout

Question 3/10
Your hair could best be described as...

Question 4/10
Choose an element:
I can't decide!

Question 5/10
What do you want to scream right now?
Why me?
Is today over yet?
I need caffeine!
I need someone to love!
I love my life!

Question 6/10
Pick a fruit:

Question 7/10
What do you do first thing in the morning?
Check my phone
Take a shower
Walk the dog
Drink a few cups of coffee

Question 8/10
What scares you most about growing old?
Losing my health
Losing my friends
Nothing at all

Question 9/10
What do you dream about most often?
Meeting a celebrity
Running or being chased
Forgetting something important
Meeting the love of my life

Question 10/10
What do you want to accomplish this month?
Get a promotion
Try a new recipe
Step outside of my comfort zone
Read a book
Start working out
Your secret agenda is to create peace wherever you go! There's no shadiness on your end, all you really want is to make the world a better place through your actions. This often means partaking in random acts of kindness, lending a hand to others, and volunteering. Could you be more amazing?

To Create Peace Wherever You Go
Your secret agenda is to be the best at everything! All you really want in life is to excel at everything you do. Sometimes this means going the extra mile at work, other times it means networking in order to get head. You'll do whatever it takes to be the best!

To Be The Best At Everything
Your secret agenda is to one up your siblings! Sibling rivalries can be scary and yours is no exception! All you really want is to be your parent's favorite for awhile. One upping your siblings might seem petty, but you're more than ready for your place in the sun!

To One Up Your Siblings
Your secret agenda is to find a partner! Sure, you're doing just fine on your own, but all you really want in life is to find the perfect partner. This might mean going on a lot of dates and scrolling through a lot of online profiles, but your opinion, it's all worth it!

To Find A Partner
Your secret agenda is to look 25 forever! Aging gracefully is an art form and you're secretly hoping to be the master. All you really want is to maintain your youthful glow long into old age! Sure, you might have to implement a lot of creams and potions, but in the end you think it will all be worth it!

To Look 25 Forever