Which Actress Should Play Your Life Movie?

Who would portray you well?

Question 1/10
How do you currently feel about life?
I love it
It's been okay
It could be better

Question 2/10
Which Oscar would the actress playing your role win?
Best Actress
Best supporting actress

Question 3/10
Which word best describes you?

Question 4/10
Who would you want to play you?
A newcomer
Someone well-established
A seasoned veteran

Question 5/10
How anxious of a person would you say you are?
Very anxious
Not too anxious
Not at all anxious

Question 6/10
Where can you usually be found on your day off?
At the bar
At the park
At home relaxing
Spending time with friends
On a date

Question 7/10
Do you care what others think of you?
Not at all
Yes I do

Question 8/10
How are you with opening up to others?
I open up well to others

Question 9/10
How old are you?
Sixties or more

Question 10/10
Do you consider yourself a risk-taker?
Not at all
Somethings I am
Yes I am
You're a smart and confident individual who's not afraid to stand out. You make heads turn wherever you go and a part of you enjoys the attention. No one would play you better than the confident and beautiful Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie
You have a personality that many describe as the girl next door. You're sweet and friendly and you're always looking to help out those in need. That's why no one would play you better than this sweet actress.

Jennifer Aniston
You have such an amazing life that no one would do it justice besides Julia Roberts. You're a vivacious and friendly individual and this actress would play you just perfectly.

Julia Roberts
You're a humble but loving individual. Everyone can't help but love you but there's something that sets you apart from the rest. This actress would be able to play you perfectly and showcase your personality.

Julianne Moore
You're not afraid to take risks and try new things in life which is why you need someone who can portray your adventurous and warm personality well.

Kate Winslet