Which British Phrase Best Describes You?

British slang is totally different from American slang! We have such distinct ways of speaking, and phrases from other countries are lots of fun. Which British phrase fits you the best? Answer these questions to see which you are!

Question 1/10
Which do you say the most often?
Hell yeah!

Question 2/10
Are you a people person?

Question 3/10
If something embarrassing happens to you, do you...
Laugh it off
Play it up to make others laugh with you (not at you)

Question 4/10
If you were an animal, which would you be?

Question 5/10
At a party, are you the one who...
Keeps a low profile
Dances on the table
Talks to every person there
Drinks a little too much
Has a long conversation with one person

Question 6/10
Which actress do you like the most?
Lucille Ball
Marilyn Monroe
Katharine Hepburn

Question 7/10
How do you feel about younger generations?
My generation was better
I fit in well with the new generation
They're different, but I think that's great

Question 8/10
Which word do you think best applies to you?

Question 9/10
If you visited England, what would you be most excited for?
Exploring London
Getting away to the countryside
I'd rather stay home

Question 10/10
Who is your favorite British celebrity?
Alan Rickman
Emma Watson
Mick Jagger
Julie Andrews
The British phrase for you is: "bugger off!" This means "go away!" or "get out of here!" You're a no-nonsense, speak your mind kind of woman. People better be careful not to set you off, because you're not afraid to let them have it!

"Bugger Off!"
The British phrase for you is: "off your trolley!" This means, "you're out of your mind!" You're a zany and silly person. Other people might not "get" you right away, but they're no fun anyway! You are totally yourself and you own it.

"Off Your Trolley"
The British phrase for you is: "tickety boo!" This means, "everything is great!" or "it's all good!" You are a cheery person; no cloudy British skies for you, you're a ray of sunshine! All is 'tickety boo' with you in your carefree approach to life.

"Tickety Boo"
The British phrase for you is: "having a right old knees up!" This means, "having a good time!" or partying. You just might be a party animal! You're the friend everyone wants to go out with for a fabulously fun time.

"Right Old Knees Up"
The British phrase for you is: "know one's onions!" This means, "know your stuff" or to be very knowledgeable about something. You're intelligent and fast at picking up new knowledge and skills. You certainly know your onions!

"Know One's Onions"