Which Emotion Are You Guided By?

Everyone is guided by a certain emotion. Whether it's fear or joy, one emotion always takes the wheel and drives. Do you know which emotion you're actually being guided by? Take these 10 simple quiz questions and discover your truth!

Question 1/10
You're offered free tickets to fly to China! What's your main reaction?
Cool! Free adventure!
What if I can't miss work?
That seems like a lot of work.
I'll start planning!
Sounds good to me!

Question 2/10
A coworker, who is also a casual friend, gets downsized. What’s your main reaction?
Well, I'm probably next....
They must have done something wrong.
I hope I don't get canned.
Now they can find something better!

Question 3/10
You get a raise. What's your main reaction?
Yay, more money!
Ugh, this will probably mean more work.
What's the catch?
Now I can book that trip!

Question 4/10
You see a few bees buzzing around your picnic. How do you feel?
Just fine, they won't bother me if I don't bother them.
Pretty freaked out, it's only a matter of time.
Angry that they had to fly around here!
A little edgy, what if one stings me?

Question 5/10
When it comes to clothes, you focus on....
Being practical.
Looking good.
Impressing others.
Dressing for the day.
The weather.

Question 6/10
What type of TV show is your guilty pleasure?
Reality TV
Soap operas
Court shows
Game shows

Question 7/10
How do you deal with conflict?
I don't, I avoid it until it goes away.
I confront it right away.
I let it rule my life.
I avoid it but then eventually deal with it.

Question 8/10
What do you think about kids?
They're too loud.
They're adorable.
They're stressful.
They're messy.
They're a awesome.

Question 9/10
Your hundred year old grandparent passed away in their sleep. How do you feel?
A little sad, but they had a long life and died peacefully.
Angry, it just wasn't their time!
Scared that someone else will die too.
Sad and heartbroken.
At peace, they went without pain.

Question 10/10
You arrive late to a party and find that all the food is gone. How do you feel?
Pretty mad that no one saved me anything.
A little bummed, but it was my fault for being late.
Scared everyone will be mad at me.
A little irked, but who cares.
The emotion that you’re guided by is joy! You can’t help but find the silver lining in every aspect of life. You see joy in everything you do, even the mundane tasks that don’t seem very important. Because your attitude, you can almost always be found with a smile on your face!

The emotion that you’re guided by is anger! Nothing fuels you or creates more passion like a bit of anger can! It’s anger that tends to force you into action. Sometimes, you can’t help but enjoy the powerful confidence that only this emotion can bring forth.

The emotion that you’re guided by is trust! You believe that everything always works out as it should. There’s no use trying to control a situation or meddling, when all you can do is trust the universe and those around you to do what’s right. You aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, open, and honest with those around you.

The emotion that you’re guided by is anticipation! You’re the type who always needs to be looking forward to something or planning a future event. You feel most happy when you can be excited about something in the future. Whether it’s sorting out your dream vacation or booking a weekend getaway, anticipation fuels your world!

The emotion that guides you is fear! Sometimes, you let fear take the wheel in your life and do all of the driving. You just can’t help but let your thoughts get the best of you and keep you from pursuing the things you really want. Remember, facing your fears is the only way to free yourself from these feelings!