Which Famous Queen Are You Most Like?

These famed female rulers have earned a spot in history for the rest of time. Ever wondered which famous queen you have the most in common with? It's time to reveal the truth! With 10 simple personality quiz questions we can tell you which famous queen you're actually most like!

Question 1/10
Which quality would be most important to you in a ruling partner?
Good looks
Work ethic
Respect for my authority

Question 2/10
Do you think you could rule a nation on your own?
Yes, i'm not afraid of a good challenge!
Possibly, but it would be difficult at first.
Nope, I need someone by my side.

Question 3/10
What kind of animal would you most like to keep as a pet?
I don't like animals.

Question 4/10
It's been a long week of ruling. How do you treat yourself?
Partying and drinking until dawn.
Seducing men.
Dinner with friends and family.
Enjoying art or theater.

Question 5/10
Which is most important to you?

Question 6/10
Is it important for you to help those who are less fortunate?
Yes, I always want to use my position for good.
Sometimes, but only if it helps my image.
Not really, they can help themselves.

Question 7/10
Pick a royal color:
Sapphire blue
Garnet red
Gilded gold
Rich purple
Pure white

Question 8/10
How long does it usually take you to make a decision?

Question 9/10
How would you like to be remembered?
As someone iconic.
As someone who was kind.
As someone fashionable.
As someone determined.
As someone daring.

Question 10/10
Are you quite popular?
Yes, very!
Somewhat, I have pretty many friends.
Not at all.
The famous queen that you're most like is Queen Elizabeth II! Much like Elizabeth, you're tough, determined, sensible, and have a great dry wit. You came from a warm and loving family and still tend to let your world revolve around those you love most. You adore children, horses, dogs, and the person you've chosen to spend your life with!

Queen Elizabeth II
The famous queen that you're most like is Cleopatra! Much like this famed queen, you see yourself as divine and unique. You like to maintain a mysterious aura, but aren't afraid to show off a bit when it comes to material goods. You're highly intellectual and goal driven, often making connections with others in order to make your dreams a reality.

The famous queen that you're most like is Queen Elizabeth I! Much like this famed queen, you're a highly complex and unpredictable person. In fact, you're never just one thing. Sometimes you're calm and jovial, other times, you're letting your temper get the best of you. You're great at negotiating and know how to keep people happy and on your side. Despite your complex nature, you still know how to rule!

Queen Elizabeth I
The famous queen that you're most like is Marie Antoinette! Much like this famed queen, you're all about style, fashion, and keeping up appearances. Though you're quite smart and clever, you like to be portrayed in a certain light, often framing yourself in a very thought out way. Sometimes you're a mystery and other times an open book.

Marie Antoinette
The famous queen that you're most like is Catherine the Great! Much like this famed queen, you're a woman of high intellect and a tireless worker for the good of your country. You're flawed and human, but also quite kind. You're not afraid to step up to a challenge and certainly won't stand down when fighting for something that you believe in. Few people have as many fine qualities as you!

Catherine The Great