Which Hobby Should You Try This October?

A new season calls for a new hobby! Which hobby should you try out this October? Are you destined to be a decorator? Perhaps, you should give baking a go. Ready to find out what your new hobby should be? Start the quiz!

Question 1/8
How do you relax?
I doodle
I do breathing exercises
I watch TV
I go for a walk
I eat snacks

Question 2/8
It's the first week of October, what are you wearing?
Flannel or plaid
A big comfy sweater
A Halloween shirt
A denim jacket
A dress probably

Question 3/8
What's your favorite color?

Question 4/8
You're at a dollar store. Which section are you gravitating towards first?
Craft supplies
Holiday decor
Candy and snacks
Leaves, wreaths, and gourds
Household supplies

Question 5/8
You decide to throw a party, what kind of party are you throwing?
Costume party
Dinner party
Cookie party
Movie marathon

Question 6/8
How would you describe yourself?

Question 7/8
Choose a Halloween costume:
Random ghost
Pumpkin spice latte
A Kardashian
Mrs. Doubtfire

Question 8/8
Which club would you join?
Art club
Student council
You should try pie baking this October! This time of year, you always yearn to eat comfort foods and spend time cozying up indoors. Fire up the oven, start rolling out the dough, and indulge in your new hobby as a pie baker!

Pie Baking
You should try interior decorating this October! This time of year, you yearn to create a space that feels cozy, warm, and totally your own. Fuzzy blankets, warm candle light, and artwork that reflects your soul. Take up this hobby and make your own a true retreat this season!

Interior Decorating
The hobby you should try this October is photography! Bust out your camera and start seeing the world through a different lens. Whether you choose to photograph the changing leaves or your family and friends, take up this hobby and capture your world.

This October, you should take up basket weaving! You need a hobby that's going to help you calm down, find patience, and recenter. Sometimes, you just need something to help you slow down and see the world through different eyes.

Basket Weaving
This October, you should take up knitting! Often times, your mind is always on and thinking. It's like there's a ticker tape running through your head. Knitting will help you slow down and reframe your thoughts. By focusing on one task instead of the myriad of thoughts going through your head, you can finally find peace.