Which Part Of Your LIfe is 100% Under Your Control?

It's not easy to have control in life, in fact we so rarely do. Do you know which part of your life is 100% in your control? Take these 10 questions and find out what's in your hands!

Question 1/10
How many unread emails are currently in your inbox?
More than 100

Question 2/10
How do you load the dishwasher?
I pre-rinse and then methodically put everything in
I throw in everything quickly
Everything goes in its rightful place
I struggle to load the dishwasher

Question 3/10
When you watch TV with your partner or friends, who gets the remote?
My partner/friends
We decide together

Question 4/10
How tidy is your closet?
Extremely tidy
Somewhat tidy
It's a disaster zone

Question 5/10
When you order food at a restaurant, do you make a lot of substitutions or special requests?

Question 6/10
When going on a road trip, who drives?
I do
Whoever I'm with
I share the responsibilities

Question 7/10
What can you be found doing on a Friday night?
Going to the bar with friends
Hanging out at home
Eating dinner at a nice restaurant
Seeing the newest movie

Question 8/10
When someone takes your photo, how do you react?
I ask them to send it to me
I get mad because I wasn't ready
I force them to delete it off their phone
I ask them to retake it

Question 9/10
Which character from Friends do you most identify with?

Question 10/10
Are you currently a parent?
Not yet but someday
Your finances are 100% in your control. While you can't always control how much money you're bringing in or unexpected bills, you can control your budget and plan ahead. Finances can be in your control if you plan ahead and do what you need to do.

Your family is 100% in your control. While you can't always plan exactly what your family will say or do, you can help organize and plan your family's trips and activities. You are the head of your family, always holding the crew together and providing some necessary backbone.

Your Family
Your career is 100% in your control. While you can't always control if you get hired or fired by a given job, you are in charge of your destiny. The choices you make and what you bring to the table are 100% in your hands. If you always keep a good attitude, keep your chin up, and focus on what you believe is right, you'll always have control over where you end up.

Your Career
Your contentment is 100% in your control. While some may argue that happiness isn't in anyone's control, we beg to differ. Contentment, gratitude, and happiness are a choice. How you respond to others and the world around you is up to you. In that way, contentment ultimately rests on your shoulders.

Your Contentment
Your fitness is 100% in your control. When it comes to staying in shape, the will to do so is completely in your hands. Only you can decide what's right for you and how often you workout. FItness is hard, but with the right attitude, you can be in shape.

Your Fitness