Which US First Lady Were You In A Past Life?

There have been over 40 First Ladies in US history. Which one were you in a past life? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
When were you born?
After 1980
Between 1950 and 1979
Before 1950

Question 2/10
Are you currently married?
No, but I used to be

Question 3/10
Are you an organized person?
A little

Question 4/10
The press wants to take your picture. What do you do?
I make sure they get my good side
I hide
I let them do it

Question 5/10
Do you want to have children?
I don't know

Question 6/10
You are the host of a party. How many people do you invite?
Less than 10
Between 10 and 50
More than 50

Question 7/10
Are you a feminist?
I don't know

Question 8/10
Would you be willing to help your husband with his work?
I wouldn't want a husband
I would help
I wouldn't help

Question 9/10
How much do you know about politics?
A lot
An average amount
A little

Question 10/10
Would you be able to sit still for a portrait?
It depends on how long it took
Dolley Madison worked hard while her husband worked in the White House. She supported her husband's career, while also making strides in social issues. She was a public figure who was adored by many. You must have been her in a past life!

Dolley Madison
Abigail Adams was the second First Lady. Her husband, John Adams were the first couple to live in the white house. She threw formal events in the house, helped her husband, and worked hard to support women's rights. You are sure to have been her in a past life!

Abigail Adams
Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady during both the Great Depression and World War II. She worked tirelessly with her husband to hold conferences day and night. Even after he husband's death, she worked to make sure that human rights would not be violated like they were in World War II ever again. You are likely to have been in a past life.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Martha Washington was the first First Lady. She set the stanard for what a first lady should be. She cared deeply for her family, and she loved children and her husband. She played a role in the government was well. You were likely her in a past life.

Martha Washington
Elizabeth Truman was suprised to become a First Lady. She did not throw press conferences, unlike other First ladies before her. However, she did know how to throw a party, as she was a wonderful hostess. You woul dhave been her in a past life.

Elizabeth Truman