Which Yoga Pose Are You?

If you were personified in a yoga pose do you know which relaxing move you would be? Take a deep breath, settle in, and find out just which yoga pose best suits your personality!

Question 1/10
How often do you typically exercise?
What's exercise?
At least 3 days a week
Every single day
Once a week
Whenever I have time

Question 2/10
Your idea of the perfect Tuesday night is......
Catching up with family over a delicious dinner
Settling down with a good book
Trying out a new workout class
Watching an enthralling movie
Taking a warm bath

Question 3/10
You want to start eating healthier. What approach do you take?
I join a support group
I download a calorie counting app
I eat in moderation
I swap healthier ingredients into recipes

Question 4/10
Which ice cream flavor do you always reach for?
Mint chocolate chip

Question 5/10
What word would you use to describe yourself as a child?

Question 6/10
Which chore would you most prefer to do?
Bathroom duty
Make the beds

Question 7/10
How do you behave when in a fight?
I become very reserved
I'm loud and out for blood
I tend to say irrational things
I get quiet and cry
I run away

Question 8/10
What did your report card describe you as?

Question 9/10
Which color do you feel most drawn to?

Question 10/10
How much time do you spend with your family?
Way too much time
Not enough time
A good amount of time
It depends
If you were a yoga pose, you'd be the half moon! This is a pose of harmony and balance. Not only does it require a great deal of stability, but it requires harmony on the inside. As a person who loves themselves inside and out, this pose is truly a personification of your inner peace and wellness.

Half Moon
If you were a yoga pose you'd be downward dog! This is both a calming and energizing pose that can make the body feel truly vibrant and alive! As an effervescent and bright person, this pose is truly a personification of you're unique spirit and personality!

Downward Dog
If you were a yoga pose you would be proud warrior! Proud warrior is a pose of strength, vitality, and resiliency. As someone who has overcome many obstacles and demonstrated great heaps of strength, this pose is truly a personification of your one of a kind personality!

Proud Warrior
If you were a yoga pose you would be child's pose! This is truly a pose of peace and safety. As someone who craves both, this pose is definitely an amazing representation of your calm and timid nature. You tend to feel a bit overwhelmed by big noises and crowds. This pose allows you to crawl into yourself and find safety.

Child's Pose
If you were a yoga pose, you would be pigeon pose! Pigeon pose is a pose of balance and strength. It is also a test of the willpower. As someone who constantly feels as if they are being tested, this move truly personifies your unique life and story.

Pigeon Pose