Are You More Gen Z Or Millennial?

Ever wondered which generation your personality is most like. It's time to find out! Take these 10 simple quiz questions and discover if you're more Gen Z or Millennial! The results might surprise you.

Question 1/10
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You just came into some money. What will you treat yourself to?
A vacation
A new phone
A fancy dinner
A high tech camera

Question 2/10
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It's Saturday morning. What are you doing?
Drinking a matcha latte and watching Netflix.
Binging cartoons.
Sleeping in.
Meeting friends for brunch.

Question 3/10
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What do you post most on Instagram?
Food pics
I don't have Instagram

Question 4/10
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Which of these is most important for you to achieve?

Question 5/10
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What would you love to do on your birthday?
Relax at home with family.
Have a big party.
Go out for dinner with friends.
Wallow in my old age.

Question 6/10
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What would you prefer to eat for lunch?
Superfood salad
Acai bowl

Question 7/10
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Which TV network do you watch the most?
The CW
I only watch Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu!

Question 8/10
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Would you rather have an interesting job with low pay or a tedious job with a big paycheck?
An interesting job
A tedious but high paying job
Neither for me please.

Question 9/10
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What is your ideal age to get married?
Before 25
Before 30
Before 40
I don't want to get married.

Question 10/10
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How many texts have you sent/received in the last 24 hours?
More than 25

Gen Z
You're more Gen Z! You grew up with technology and all of the information of the world right at your finger tips. You truly rely on tech to help make your life easier! You love social media and fancy yourself a bit of an influencer. You tend to be very focused on the present and what's going on right now rather than what could be. You're well read, intelligent, and always willing to accept a new idea or theory!

You're more millennial! Like so many millennials, you're all about living a creative and fulfilling life, even it it means making a bit less money than your parents. You truly value knowledge and tend to be very open minded. You're not afraid to open up your pocket book to help someone in need, but you're also pretty keen on treating yourself! You're a truly modern woman in every way.

A Mix Of Both
You're a mix of both Gen Z and millennial! You've got the best qualities of both of these new generations. You're tech savvy, creative, and open minded. Though you don't rely on your phone or social media accounts to get by, you do believe they're a lot of fun. Sure, you love some good avocado toast, but you also know what truly matters in this life!

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