What Is Your Best Stress Reliever?

What is the best way to calm you down after a long day?

Question 1/10
After a long day, what do you do to unwind?
Watch tv
Read a good book
Take a nap
Go jogging

Question 2/10
Do you get easily stressed?
Yes I do
Not very often
A bit
Not often at all

Question 3/10
When stressed, do you ever get a temper?
All the time
Every once in a while
Not really
Not at all

Question 4/10
You're running late for something important. How do you react?
Start cursing and losing my temper
Stay calm
Throw a fit

Question 5/10
Which of these annoy you most?
People talking loudly
Chewing with their mouth open
Being cut off in traffic
Dropping your food on the ground

Question 6/10
Would you say you get annoyed easily?
A bit
Not really
Not at all

Question 7/10
What's one word friends would use to describe you?
Laid back
Quick tempered
Something else

Question 8/10
Do you scream often when annoyed?
All the time
More often than I'd like
Not a whole lot
Not really at all

Question 9/10
You find out someone ate the food you've been saving and looking forward to. How do you react?
Scream loudly
Start accusing everyone
Move past it with some silent cussing
I don't know really

Question 10/10
Pick a word that stands out most.
To get yourself a piece of mind, you want to focus on yourself. You want to clear all thoughts and with deep calm breaths, try to get in a calm place.

To loosen up and calm down, talking to friend would help immensely. You can speak about the stressful subject to someone you trust, calming down while getting it off your mind.

Talk It Out
Whether it be a jog or yoga, any form of exercise will help calm you. You can center your mind while also getting a rush of endorphins.

Get moving
Blasting music will certainly help you calm. Listening to your favorite songs will help distract you and also put you in a good mood.

Crank it up