What Type Of Dreamer Are You?

How exactly do you dream?

Question 1/10
Do you have an early bedtime or do you usually stay up throughout the night?
I usually stay up throughout the night
I go to bed pretty early
It depends on the day

Question 2/10
How often do you have reoccurring dreams?
Almost all the time
Maybe once in a while
Never that I noticed

Question 3/10
Does it take you awhile to get to sleep?
I get to sleep pretty quickly
Yes, it takes me awhile
Depends on the day

Question 4/10
Have any of your dreams ever come true?
All the time
Maybe once or twice

Question 5/10
Would you say you have nightmares quite frequently?
Almost every time I sleep
Every once in awhile
Very rarely I do

Question 6/10
What are your nightmares usually about?
A threat
A dangerous creature

Question 7/10
Have you ever found yourself trying to scream or move in your sleep but couldn't?
Yes and it scares me
Not very often
I've never had it happen

Question 8/10
Have you ever been aware of the fact that you're dreaming?
Yes but then I wake up
Yes I have
Not really
Not at all

Question 9/10
Can you control your dreams?
Of course
With a lot of effort
Not at all

Question 10/10
Which of these words would best describe your dreams?
You are someone who takes control of your dreams. Most people wake once they realize that they are dreaming. You though, you like to control and morph your dream to your ideals.

Lucid Dreamer
When you are between sleep and awake, you imagine scenarios that you may wish to happen. You may catch yourself daydreaming at unusual times of the day.

You have a lot of pain and anguish in your daily life and it shows in your dreams. You're more likely to have nightmares that stem from the negative emotions which greatly disrupt your peaceful sleep.

Disturbed Dreamer
Your dreams seem to hold the future of what is to come. It may be coincidence but there is no denying that your dreams seem to come true more times than not.

Prophetic Dreamer
Your dreams are like a little message letting you know of your wellbeing. When something is wrong with your mental or physical health, your brain lets you in on it through your dreams.

Healing Dreamer