Can You Keep A Secret?

Can you be trusted to never tell a soul?

Can you be trusted to never tell a soul?

Question 1/10
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Do you own a diary or journal?
Of course I do
I use to but not anymore
I've never had one

Question 2/10
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Do you have social media accounts that none of your loved ones know about?
Yes I do actually
Not that I remember
No I don't

Question 3/10
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Do you think you're considered a trustworthy person?
Of course
I'm not too sure
Not at all

Question 4/10
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Do your friends usually go to you for personal things?
All the time
Sometimes but it depends on the situation
No they don't

Question 5/10
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When you start a new project, how long is it before you tell everyone?
I tell them right away
It depends on the project
Not until I'm finished with it

Question 6/10
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Have you ever read someone else's diary?
Only when they let me
I never would
I have once or twice

Question 7/10
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Would you say you gossip often with your friends?
Who doesn't?
Only if it's about someone I dislike
Not at all

Question 8/10
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Would you ever loan a friend money?
Only if I really trust them
If it was for an important reason
Of course I would
No, that's a terrible idea

Question 9/10
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If something is bothering you, who do you talk it over with?
My best friend
A professional
A total stranger
No one

Question 10/10
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Would you keep any secret for your best friend?
Only if it wouldn't cause me trouble
It depends
Yes I would
Probably not

Without A Doubt
You have no trouble keeping a secret, especially an important one. You value their trust in you and you want to make sure to respect that. No matter how big or small the secret, you will make sure to take it to the grave.

Not At All
As soon as someone tells you a secret, you just have to tell the nearest person. You just love to gossip and let others know what's happening. It's not that you want to hurt the person telling you the secret but rather you just have to tell someone what you heard.

Only Loved Ones
If it's a close friend or a family member, of course you have no problems keeping a secret. If it's an acquaintance or just a friend? Well, that's a totally different story. You love to gossip to others about secrets you learned as long as you're not hurting loved ones.

You Tell Your Best Friend
When someone tells you to keep a secret, you have no problem keeping to that. That's because you don't consider telling your best friend as breaking a promise. You and your best friend share everything, even secrets.

Only Big Secrets
You're someone who can keep a big secret but you're terrible with keeping small secrets. You'll take a big secret to the grave but you'll tell everyone about all the small secrets you hear.

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