If You Could Bring One Thing From The 18th Century, What Would It Be?

What vintage thing do you want to bring back?

Question 1/10
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Are you a fan of history?
Of course
It's okay
I'm not a fan

Question 2/10
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Are you a fan of the creepy/morbid side of history?
Not at all
I don't care
Yes I do

Question 3/10
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Do you like collecting items?
Yes I do
Not really
No I don't

Question 4/10
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Do you have an interest in music at all?
Yes I do
I have somewhat of an interest
No I don't

Question 5/10
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Pick a form of government:

Question 6/10
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Would you consider yourself eccentric?
Yes I would
I'm not sure
No I wouldn't

Question 7/10
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Which class of the 18th century interest you?
High wealth
Lower class
Somewhere in between

Question 8/10
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Which word best describes you?

Question 9/10
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Do you ever wish you could visit the 18th century?
Yes I do
No I don't

Question 10/10
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Are you a fan of the 18th century clothing?
Yes I am
Not really
Not at all

Early American Dolls
There's just something about these old fashioned dolls that just makes them oh so interesting. You'd love to get your hands on a few of this vintage dolls.

Vintage Halloween Costumes
There's nothing scarier than seeing the Halloween costumes of the past. While you could probably try replicating one, it would match up to actually having one of the vintage costumes instead.

Vintage Piano
While you can obviously buy a piano nowadays, you would love to get your hands on an 18th century piano. You would love to have such a grand and vintage piano in your home.

The Clothing
There's something about the clothing from the 18th century that just appeals to you. It's the classic vintage look and you wouldn't mind incorporating a few pieces into your wardrobe.

There's a dark side to you that has a fascination with the guillotines of the 18th century. You obviously wouldn't harm anyone with it but you think it'd be a cool piece of history to own.

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