What Kind Of Sister In Law Are You?

Not every sister in law meshes into the family right away. Do you know what kind of sister in law you are to your family? Take these 10 questions and gain some insight into how your new family really views you!

Question 1/10
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Are you the oldest or the youngest in your family?
I'm the oldest
I'm the youngest
I'm in the middle

Question 2/10
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Do you love to be the center of attention?
No way

Question 3/10
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How often do you check in on your siblings?
Once a week
Oncea month
Around the holidays

Question 4/10
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Do you spend one on one time with your sister in law?
All the time
Almost never
If we have the time

Question 5/10
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What would you change about your sibling's significant others?
I wouldn't change a thing
I'd like them to be more organized
I'd like them to be more sensitive and attentive

Question 6/10
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Did you and your siblings argue a lot as kids?
We argued all of the time
We argued a pretty average amount
We never argued

Question 7/10
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How often do you break into someone's story to tell them about a similar experience?
I do this very often
I do this sometimes
I never do this

Question 8/10
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How would your family members classify you?
As a the helper
As the mediator
As the instigator

Question 9/10
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Do you ever look down on your siblings significant others?

Question 10/10
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Do you consider your brother or sister in law to be a part of your family?
Not really
It's a mixed bag for me

The Know It All Sister In Law
You're the know it all sister in law! If someone calls for advice or tells a story, you've already got all of the answers and solutions that they could ever possibly need. While you're coming from a good place, you're new family can find it a touch annoying!

The Nonchalant Sister In Law
You're the nonchalant sister in law! You're easy going, mellow, and always down for anything. You don't nit pick and you certainly don't judge. You go with the flow in just about every occasion you're a part of . In other words, you're the perfect kind of sister in law!

The One Upper Sister In Law
You're the classic one upper! Whenever anyone in your new family shares good news or an achievement, you're always ready to one up them with one of your own. Be careful! This kind of behavior can definitely alienate those you love most!

The Sensitive Sister In Law
You're the sensitive sister in law! When someone in the family needs help or a shoulder to cry on, you've always got time to help. You never judge or crucify those you love for having a tough time. Rather, you always let them know that they're loved and that you've got their back!

The Over Sharing Sister In Law
You're the over sharing sister in law! We get it, sharing is caring, but not everyone in your family wants to know every detail about your life and your relationship with your husband. Keep some things to yourself and your find that the whole family is happier all around.

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