What Type Of Bride Are You?

Are you a modern or rustic bride?

Are you a modern or rustic bride?

Question 1/10
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What type of engagement ring would you like?
A ring with a big diamond
An old-fashioned ring
Something unique
Something with my birthstone
I don't care because all tha matters is the person choosing it

Question 2/10
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Where would you like to have your ceremony?
In a church
On a beach
Somewhere outdoorsy
In a beautiful building
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
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What type of dress would you like?
A princess dress
A classic dress
A vintage dress
A brightly colored dress

Question 4/10
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What flowers do you want your bouquet to be made of?
Roses with diamonds

Question 5/10
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Would you rather have a formal dinner or more of a family dinner?
I'd like a casual family type dinner
A nice formal dinner
Either is fine

Question 6/10
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Do you have a budget for the wedding?
$1000 or lower
There is no budget

Question 7/10
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Pick a drink to serve at your wedding
Spicy margarita
Red wine
Vodka soda

Question 8/10
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What color will your bridesmaids wear?

Question 9/10
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Will you follow tradition in your wedding or will make your own ideas?
I'll follow tradition
I'll make new traditions

Question 10/10
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What's a must-have wedding accessory for you?
Flower crown
Diamond crown

Outrageous Bride
Everything has to be perfect on your big day. You have a unique taste and you want your wedding to be totally different from all the rest. You're not one for traditional things and you'd rather stand out from the crowd. You'd totally would be rocking a brightly colored wedding dress.

Extravagant Bride
You will spare no expense on your big day. You will make sure your wedding has the finest things whether it be Swarovski crystals all around or a ceremony in an exotic country. You will make sure that the guests attend a wedding they'll never forget.

Traditional Bride
You want your big day to be perfectly romantic. You love more traditional things and you want to focus more on the romantic aspect of your wedding. You want your wedding day to be effortless. You're not one for over the top weddings but rather a nice and loving wedding.

Modern Bride
Your wedding day is one that will be sleek and stylish. You want nothing but the best of the best. You do have a budget in mind but that's no issue in making your wedding look modern. You're not one for a traditional wedding. You want to put a modern twist on yours.

Rustic Bride
You want your big day to focus on the natural theme. You'll probably have your wedding or ceremony take place outside, right where the nature is. You don't want a stiff formal wedding but rather a down to earth family style wedding.

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