Who Do You Miss The Most Right Now?

Are they someone you're always thinking about?

Question 1/10
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Were you close with this person?
Of course
I was pretty close
I wasn't too close

Question 2/10
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Has this person passed away?
Yes they have
No they haven't

Question 3/10
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Do you think they miss you?
Yes I do
I hope so
Not at all

Question 4/10
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Are you close with your family?
Yes I am
Not really
No I'm not

Question 5/10
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How often do you think about them?
All the time
Almost all the time
Not too often

Question 6/10
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Is this person upset with you?
Yes they are
Not that I know of
Not they're not

Question 7/10
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How long ago did you leave them?
Not long ago
Pretty long ago

Question 8/10
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Do you need to reconcile with this person?
No I don't
I don't think so
Yes I do

Question 9/10
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Has this person taught you quite a lot in your life?
Yes they have
No they haven't

Question 10/10
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Did you use to talk to this person daily?
Yes I did
No I didn't

Your Grandmother
When you think back to the memories of your grandmother, all you can think about is warm and cozy moments. She was important to your life and you just can't help but miss her.

Your Mother
Whether your mother has passed away or you just haven't seen in her in awhile, there's no doubting that you absolutely miss her. She was your rock and you can't help but feel lonely without her.

Your Father
Someone you can't help but miss right now is your father. He helped teach you things in life and helped you grow into the person you are today and you just can't help but miss him.

Your Ex-Best Friend
You probably use to have a best friend that you spent all your time with. This friend was incredibly important in your life but you had a falling out and now they're out of your life.

Your Ex-Lover
You had someone in your life that you couldn't help but love and now they're out of your life. You can't help but think about them and miss them incredibly so.

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