Which Time Period Do You Belong In?

What time in history is meant for you?

Question 1/10
How do you feel about technology?
I love it
It's interesting but I don't need it
I'm not a fan

Question 2/10
How big are you on tradition?
I'm very big on tradition
I'm pretty big on it
I'm not big on it

Question 3/10
What is your favorite genre of music?

Question 4/10
How do you like to get around?
On foot
On a bike
In a car

Question 5/10
Are you big on trends?
Not at all
I like them a bit but I don't participate
I love them

Question 6/10
How would you describe yourself?

Question 7/10
Would you rather blend in with the crowd or stand out?
Blend in
Stand out
I'm not sure

Question 8/10
Do you believe in revenge?
It depends
No I don't

Question 9/10
Are you big on materialistic things?
Not at all
Not really
Yes I am

Question 10/10
How important is your family to you?
Very important
Pretty important
Not important
There's nothing you value more than honor and family. You believe in doing in the right thing even if it seems like the world is against you. While you have a tough exterior, there's a tender inside to you that you only reveal to the most important people in your life.

Medieval Ireland
You are definitely a force to be reckon with. You have a confidence about you that many can't rival. You know how to get the job in from of you done and you will do anything to make sure it's done successfully. You're always looking for ways to improve yourself and strive for excellence.

Ancient Rome
You're a brave individual who's willing to risk almost anything to reach your goal. You're always looking towards a brighter future and you believe the next day will always be better than the current. While you value tradition, you also have a love for new modern ways.

Revolutionary America
You have a love for beautiful things and you have a desire to be surrounded by them. You always desire to learn new things and take on challenges no matter how difficult they may be. You're a passionate individual and it shows in your work.

Renaissance Italy
You're always looking forward to having a good time and enjoying the present. You don't consider the past much but instead hold on to hope that you have a bright future ahead of you. You're full of life and that attitude is infectious.

1920's New York City