Everyone Has A Dream Job They Should Pursue- What’s Yours?

Everyone dreams of going to a job each day that simply doesn't feel like work. Each and every one of us has that one perfect gig that would be equal parts fulfilling and fun. Do you know what dream job you should pursue? Don't wait, go for your dream career today!

Question 1/10
Think hard- what is the most important quality in a person?

Question 2/10
You've got some airline miles that need to be used. Which of these places would you head for?
Hong Kong
Los Angeles

Question 3/10
You're stuck in traffic for the long haul. What are you going to listen to?
A podcast
An audiobook
Top 40 radio
Talk radio

Question 4/10
Which sport do you wish you could try?
I'm not much for sports...

Question 5/10
Aside from eating, how are you most likely to spend your lunch hour?
Browsing social media.
Catching up on the news.
Running errands.
Chatting with a friend.
Reading a book.

Question 6/10
Which do you value more: a good night's sleep or a deep conversation?
A good night's sleep.
A deep conversation.
It depends on my mood.

Question 7/10
When people look at you, they see someone who is....
Laid back

Question 8/10
To fuel your afternoon, you almost always reach for...
Coffee, coffee, coffee.
A granola bar.
A bag of chips.
A piece of chocolate.
A handful of nuts.

Question 9/10
What's more important: money or happiness?
Money, because it buys happiness.
Happiness, money can't buy authentic joy.
Both are equally important.

Question 10/10
If you could travel through time, would you go forward or back?
I'd say right here.
Bust out the typewriter or dig out some notebooks- you're dream job is to become a novelist! Start putting those words to paper today, you have a story deep inside that's waiting to be told. Your dream is calling, are you going to answer?

Polish up those acting chops and start rehearsing for your next big scene- your dream job is to become an actress! Since you were young, glitz and glamour have always been on your mind. With a little work and some luck, you'll be racking up awards in no time!

Dust off the stethoscope and study up- your dream job is to become a doctor! Since childhood, you've been dedicated to helping others and doing your part to make the world better. Becoming a doctor would help you to treat others and help them to regain their lives!

Go ahead and pick up that chalk- your dream job is to become a teacher! You've always been someone who loves to teach others and has plenty of wisdom to share. With patience and great creativity, you lead your life as a teacher to all you meet. Why not make it official?

Go ahead and start dusting off your pretend campaign speech- your dream job is to become a politician! Since you were young, you've dreamed of changing the world. Unfortunately, it is those in power who get to make the biggest decisions. By becoming a politician, you could help mold the world into the type of place you think it should be.