How Dramatic Are You?

No one likes to think of themselves as a drama queen, but lets face it, so many of us are! The question is how dramatic are you? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
When you fight with someone, how do you typically behave?
There are many tears involved
I tend to yell, cry, and throw things
I'm pretty passive and hear them out
I tend to listen intently and then talk it out
I usually end up laughing to diffuse the tension

Question 2/10
If the person you were dating suddenly stopped texting you and calling you, how would you react?
I would harass them with text messages until they blocked me
I would show up at their house
I would assume they were busy and wait for a response
I wouldn't worry
I might feel a touch worried but I would just wait it out

Question 3/10
Which TV show do you wish you could've been a part of?
Gilmore Girls
The Golden Girls
One Life to Live

Question 4/10
Which food could you binge on every day?
Pizza all day everyday
I scream for ice cream
Does booze count?
Mac & cheese
Toblerone chocolate

Question 5/10
What is your first thought when someone politely asks you, "How is life?"
How could they even ask me that?
Aw, they're concerned that's nice
They're a bit intrusive...
I'm great time to ask them how they are
They've got some nerve!

Question 6/10
If your apartment or house was on fire, what would you do?
Calmly grab some things and evacuate
Sob uncontrollably
Scream to the heavens
Feel flustered but make my way out calmly
Make sure everyone is okay and leave

Question 7/10
A co-worker accidentally spilled coffee on your new outfit. How do you react?
I laugh it off they didn't do it on purpose
Tell them it's okay, accidents happen
Yell at them for being so clumsy
Refuse to talk to them for days
Get pissed but act fine

Question 8/10
You hear some co-workers gossiping about you. How do you react?
I take a deep breath and remember that they're just words
I confront them and have an all out brawl
I turn the other cheek
Try to address the issue but end up in a screaming match
Call off of work for a few days

Question 9/10
Where would you most like to spend a Friday night?
At a broadway play
At home with a good book
At the club
Having dinner with friends
At the movies

Question 10/10
If your life were a genre of movie, which genre would it be?
It pains us to say it, but you are a total drama queen! You live for drama, so much so, that often times you'll go out of your way to create it. We know that life can be a bit bland at times, but creating drama isn't always the best way to spice up life. Try nixing the antics and taking a deep breath when you feel a drama attack coming on. It will all be okay!

Total Drama Queen
You have dramatic tendencies! Okay, the good news is, you're not a full blown drama queen. The bad news is, you've stormed out of more doors and thrown more tantrums than we're sure you'd like to admit. We all have moments in which our inner child takes over and we revert, but try to keep those moments to a minimum.

Dramatic Tendencies
You are kind of dramatic! Like all of us, you have moments in which you feel the drama boiling up inside of you. Once it gets to that point, there's no stopping it! Suddenly you're tearing up, throwing a fit, and saying things you definitely wouldn't normally say. Lets just be honest, drama is a human condition that none of us are truly immune to.

Kind Of Dramatic
You are not very dramatic! Your life motto might as well be “whatever” because nothing gets under your skin. You hate feeling riled up and the thought of meddling in anyone else's business makes you squirm. You like to engage in drama as little as possible.

Not Very Dramatic
Congratulations! Unlike most Americans, you are not dramatic at all. Not only do you always go with the flow, stay positive, and put out fires; but you always do so with an easy going attitude and smile. You hate to see others riled up and you hate to feel riled up. Life is too short to create unnecessary drama or issues. You live life through a lens of positivity.

Drama Free