What Type Of Car Best Fits You?

Time to hit the open road!

Question 1/10
What's most important in a new car?
How it performs
How it looks

Question 2/10
Do you want a vintage car or a more modern car?
I don't care

Question 3/10
How much are you willing to pay for your car?
Below $10,000

Question 4/10
It's hot out. You drive:
With windows down
Windows shut and air on
With the roof down

Question 5/10
You play the radio:
For news highlights
To play some great music
You don't like the radio on

Question 6/10
What size family do you have?

Question 7/10
Do you believe a car says a lot about who you are?
Not really
Not at all

Question 8/10
Speed limits are:
Just a guideline
A nuisance

Question 9/10
Which word best describes you?

Question 10/10
Do you get road rage easily?
Very easily
It depends
No I don't
The one thing that is most important to your life is family and you want a car that can hold them without any trouble. You want a car that is efficient and spacious, especially when you go on long family adventures.

You like the classic muscle cars that gives off a sense of toughness. You like to keep things traditional and simple and you're not one for modern things. You also don't put up with anything and you're not afraid to start a confrontation when needed.

Muscle Car
You don't care too much about what others may think of you and because of that, you live a rather carefree lifestyle. You want a car that can match your laid-back attitude and a convertible is the car for you. Nothing is more relaxing than feeling the breeze through your hair.

You want a car that can fit your unique personality. You don't like to blend in with the crowd but rather stand out with your individuality. You want a car that can stand out as well.

Volkswagen Beetle
You like to go on adventures and get outdoors whenever you can which is why a pickup truck is the car for you. You love to be outdoors surrounded by nature and you don't mind getting a little dirty now and then.

Pickup Truck