How Well Do You Understand Americans?

Americans aren't always easy to understand. In fact, they can at times be downright confusing. Do you think you know Americans pretty well? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Why would anyone eat fast food?
It's convenient
It's delicious
It's cheap
They're starving to death

Question 2/10
What's the best part of shooting off fireworks?
The sparkle
The fire
The risk
There's nothing fun about this

Question 3/10
Why is barbecued food so delicious?
It's the smokey flavor
It's the crusty outside
Barbecue food is not good
Because it's summer that's why!

Question 4/10
What makes Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so good?
They're nostalgic
They're easy
Peanut butter that's all
I don't like peanut butter and jelly

Question 5/10
Why do Americans love football so much?
It's a reason to drink and eat
It's an opportunity to get together
It's a shared culture
I personally don't understand football

Question 6/10
What's so great about camping?
The great outdoors!
The smells, the campfire, the fun!
The risk of being eaten by a bear
Nothing is fun about camping

Question 7/10
Why do Americans love to chant USA?
Because they love America
Because it's fun
Because they can
I don't know why

Question 8/10
Why do Americans love guns?
Because they have the right to love guns
Because they were raised to love guns
Because when used properly they can be a fun recreational sport
I don't understand this infatuation at all

Question 9/10
Why do Americans love to shop?
They love to look good
It's something to do
They like to have the best of things
I don't know why

Question 10/10
Why do Americans take elections so seriously?
Because they want what's good for the country
Because they want what's best for the world
Because they're over opinionated
We're going to take a wild guess and say that you're definitely an American! No one could understand an American as completely as an American can. From strange food habits, to bad television. To understand an American is to walk a mile in their shoes.

You Understand Americans Completely
Based on your quiz results, you kind of understand Americans! Let's be honest, Americans have some outlandish food habits, likes/dislikes, and opinions. Depending on what region of the US you're from, this can be especially true. Sadly, you just don't completely understand the American way.

You Kind Of Understand Americans
Well done! You have a total understanding of Americans! With an open mind, you usually figure out why people tend to do what they do. Sure, Americans might not always be so cut and dry, but you can find the reason for their bizarre behavior and justify it.

Total Understanding Of Americans
You and Americans don't see eye to eye on much. In fact, you have no idea why Americans do the things that they do. From the food they consume to the leaders the elect, you find so much about Americans to be odd and out of sorts.

You Don't Understand Americans At All