What Is The Zodiac Sign Of Your Soul?

You may know the zodiac sign of your birth, but do you know the true zodiac sign of your soul? Deep within, we all have unique traits ruled by the stars. Which sign are you really most aligned with? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out. You might not be the sign you think are!

Question 1/10
Which of your qualities are you MOST proud of?
My honesty
My intelligence
My sense of humor
My loyalty
My compassion

Question 2/10
Which of your qualities are you LEAST proud of?
My selfishness
My impulsiveness
My jealousy
My greediness
My bossiness

Question 3/10
Pick the most romantic date:
Ice skating
Dinner by a lake
Riding bikes
A drive-in movie
Board games at home

Question 4/10
What makes you happy?
Being in nature
My partner
Helping others
New adventures

Question 5/10
Describe your love life:
Fair and equal
Full of kindness

Question 6/10
What do you most frequently eat?
Comfort food
Whatever is easy to cook
Snack foods
Organic fruits and veggies
Take out

Question 7/10
What is it that you like to do when you have spare time?
Take a walk
Work out

Question 8/10
Your relationship with your father is/was?

Question 9/10
People complain about me because I...
Worry too much.
Can't focus.
Take my time.
Love to chat.
None of these.

Question 10/10
Do you feel more inspired by the sun, the moon, or the stars?
The zodiac sign of your soul is Scorpio. To you, the world can be a dog eat dog world. It isn’t always fair and it certainly requires a lot of passion in order to survive. You are typically a rather quiet person who keeps to yourself, though you still truly care for others and feel their pain rather deeply. Full of mysteries and surprises, you’re always searching for your true purpose in this world.

The zodiac sign of your soul is Pisces. You are exceptionally emotional and very sensitive. With a strong sense of intuition, you make every decision in life with gut instinct rather than logic. You are mysterious and complex, yet you love profound conversation and a bit of intimacy. You rarely do anything openly, still you are always there to support and lend advice to those you love.

The zodiac sign of your soul is Leo! You’re passionate, dynamic, and a bit temperamental. Quick to anger but even quicker to forgive, you embrace the ups and downs of life with ease. You are an adventurer with a deep well of energy that never seems to run out. Physically strong, you serve as a true source of inspiration for others. Much like a Leo, ,you are intelligent, creative, idealistic, and always ready for action.

The zodiac sign of your soul is Taurus! You’re a very grounded person who loves to bring others down to earth. Mostly conservative and very realistic, you tend to side with logic over emotion. You are very connected to reality and what is in front of you, which is why you often crave material goods/trinkets. Practical, loyal, and dependable, you stick through the people you love through good times and bad.

The zodiac sign of your soul is Aquarius! You are rational, socially minded, and love to have relationships with other people. You are a thinker who prides yourself on being intellectual and communication. You thrive in a good philosophical discussion and have been known to lose yourself for days in a good book. You enjoy giving advice and relating to others, but at the same time you can be kind of superficial.