What Is Your True Gender Identity?

Each of us has a mental gender that may not correspond with our physical traits. Do you know your true gender identity? By answering these 10 quiz questions truthfully, we can relay who you know you are inside. The results may just surprise you!

Question 1/10
Which of the following games you prefer to play during your leisure time?
Crossword puzzle
Neither one

Question 2/10
If you go to Disneyland, which attraction is absolutely your must-do/must-see?
Mickey's Soundsational parade
Big Thunder Mountain
Neither one

Question 3/10
You sense drama on the horizon. Do you avoid it?
Yes, I hate drama.
I might engage.
No, I love a bit of drama.

Question 4/10
Which app do you think you would use the most?
Headspace (meditation)
Evernote (note keeping)
Candy Crush

Question 5/10
In the usual case, are you more willing to send text messages or voice messages?
Text message
Voice message
Either one

Question 6/10
Do you feel more comfortable around guys or girls?
I'm fine with both.

Question 7/10
Select one:
Sushi and sake.
Beer and pizza.
Wine and pasta.

Question 8/10
When you need to find the restroom, do you determine the gender by the word or the symbol?

Question 9/10
Open your phone and take a selfie. Is the photo angled up or down?
It's straight on.

Question 10/10
Do you convey your ideas, opinions, or emotions, without fumbling your words?
Your mental gender is 100% male. No matter which gender you were born, you definitely think and act like a male. Logical and analytical, you don't respond to situations with an emotional spin. Instead, you go with your head. You love to get your hands dirty and aren't afraid to work hard, yet you love to use your mind to solve problems as well. Sometimes, you feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and that you must sustain an aura of strength.

Your mental gender identifies as female. No matter which gender you were born, you definitely think and act like a female. Emotional yet strong, intelligent yet kind. You're not afraid to be everything all at once. You often carry the world on your shoulders, bearing the burden of those you love most. Though you are tough and capable, you have never lost your sense of empathy.

Your mental gender is not yet defined, in fact, you tend to think in both male and female formats. Strong and resilient yet tender and kind. You don't believe that a person has to be bogged down by one gender or another. Instead, you opt to live your life free of labels and the kind of boxed in thinking that so many ascribe to.

No Preference