What Make-up Suits You Best?

Figure out which style looks best on you

Question 1/10
What product could you not live without?

Question 2/10
How long do you usually take to get ready in the morning?
5 minutes top
About 10 minutes
15-20 minutes
30 minutes or more

Question 3/10
What is makeup to you?
A way to make a statement
A way to express myself
Something to enhance my beauty
Nothing really

Question 4/10
How often do you like to switch up your beauty routine?
Every day
Only on special occasions
Probably on the weekends

Question 5/10
Favorite eyeshadow color?
Something dark and smokey
Anything with shimmer
I'm not a fan of eyeshadow
Something bright and vibrant

Question 6/10
What's your usual makeup routine?
Just a bit of mascara and chapstick
A full face
A little blush, eyeshadow and lip product
Eyeliner and lip product

Question 7/10
Favorite lipstick color?
Something bright
Something sweet like a light pink
Something dark
I'd just wear chapstick

Question 8/10
How often do you touch up your makeup throughout the day?
Practically never
At least once
A couple times
Multiple times a day

Question 9/10
How often do you wear makeup?
Every day
A few times a week
Only on special occasions
Almost never

Question 10/10
How bold are you with your makeup?
Very bold. I like to make a statement
I don't like drawing attention to myself
Bold in a darker way
Not bold but enhances my features
A more edgier make-up look would suit you best. You could easily pull of a bold cat eye or dark lip.

A very feminine look would suit you. You would look best with shimmery shadows, a rosy blush and a pretty pink lipstick.

You don't have a big interest in make-up which is why natural would suit you best. With just a little gloss and mascara, you can look good and be ready in minutes.

A bold make-up look is what suits you best. You can pull of a bright red lip or bright shadows.