What Type Of Mom Are You?

Parenting can be rewarding, but it can also make you want to rip your hair out in tiny clumps. Are you the patient doting mother (with intact hair) or are you the more aggressive tiger mom? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
Your baby is crying in the other room. You're attempting to take in some quiet time but aren't done yet. What do you do?
Suck it up and go tend to the baby
Let the baby cry it out
Wait a few minutes and if the crying continues, go tend to the baby.
Ask your partner to deal with it
Drop everything and hold the baby until it is calm

Question 2/10
What type of schedule do you create for your children?
There is no schedule. Kids should be kids.
Relaxed, with the exception of bedtime.
Very strict, Especially when it comes to homework or bedtime.

Question 3/10
Your child has to build a Volcano for school. How involved are you in helping them?
Very involved. In fact, I usually end up doing the project for them.
I am not involved. But I oversee the project and make sure they're doing it correctly.
Not at all involved. I let them use their imagination.
I am available if they need help, but I let them do it themselves.
I help them and it turns into a fun bonding experience.

Question 4/10
When it comes to discipline how would you describe your style?
Very relaxed
Strict when necessary

Question 5/10
Your child has a pretty nasty cold. What do you do?
Panic and then never leave their side
Take them to the doctor, care for them, and give them medicine
Give them over the counter medicine
Use holistic medicines and let them work it out
Tell them they'll be fine

Question 6/10
How do you feel about children and pets?
It helps them learn how to care for other beings
It teaches them responsibility and compassion
It takes time away from me and my child
It distracts them from their schoolwork
I haven't really thought about it

Question 7/10
How do you feel about children dressing themselves?
I feel it lets them express their creativity
I let them do it, but I guide them on what looks good together
I don't let my children dress themselves

Question 8/10
How involved are you in your child's social life?
I check all of their social media daily
I like to know their friends, but I trust them to make good decisions
I am constantly snooping for information
I let them know that they can tell me anything, and they do

Question 9/10
Your teenage daughter has just broken up with her first boyfriend and is now crying in her room. What do you do?
Let her know that I am available to talk if she needs me.
Give her space to work it out.
Tell her to toughen up.
Try to comfort her and talk it out
Curse her boyfriend for existing

Question 10/10
What is your favorite form of punishment?
No electronics
Extra chores
Time out
You are a tiger mom! You believe you know what's best for your kids and you try to enforce that with discipline and guidelines. You try to keep your child on track to secure a safe and comfortable future.

Tiger Mom
You are a helicopter mom! Some might say you hover over your child, but we prefer to say that you keep an interest in what they're doing. You have a special trust and bond with your child because they know you'll always be there.

Helicopter Mom
You are a lawnmower mom! You try to take any and all obstacles out of your child's way. By making life a bit easier for them, they have more time to focus on school and other matters.

Lawnmower Mom
You are a free range mom! You tend to take a very hands off approach to parenting. You allow your children the freedom to be independent and make their own mistakes, all while offering support.

Free Range Mom
You are an attachment mom. You enjoy a close bond with your children and you foster that bond by spending a lot of time with them. You tend to take a more holistic and spiritual approach to caring for your children. As far as punishment goes, you are very easy going.

Attachment Mom