What Well Known Saying Fits Your Personality?

What words can sum up your personality?

Question 1/10
Are you a curious person?
Yes I am
Not really

Question 2/10
Would you consider yourself spontaneous?
Not at all
Yes I would

Question 3/10
Do you have any regrets?
Doesn't everyone?
I try not to
No I don't

Question 4/10
Which would you consider yourself?

Question 5/10
When was the last time you gave to charity?
A few days ago
A few weeks ago
A few months ago
A few years ago
I don't remember

Question 6/10
Would you rather stand out from the crowd or blend in?
Stand out
Blend in

Question 7/10
What pace do you live life at?

Question 8/10
Do you have a short fuse?
Not at all
I don't think so
Yes I do

Question 9/10
How often do you question your existence?

Question 10/10
Would you consider yourself a people person?
Not at all
Yes I am
Beauty is only skin deep. This is a saying that fits you incredibly well. You know that beauty doesn't only on the exist on the outside. You're a compassionate and kind individual who's incredibly beautiful on the inside.

Beauty Is...
Better safe than sorry. This saying fits you because you're not really the spontaneous type of person at all. You do worry easily and you like to plan things out in advance.

Better Safe...
Curiosity killed the cat. This saying is one that fits you well because you happen to be such a curious individual. You love learning how the world works and you're always learning new and exciting information.

Curiosity Killed...
Faith will move mountains. You happen to be quite an optimistic individual who knows that sometimes you need a little faith in life. You look towards the bright side in even the darkest of moments.

Faith Will...
Live and learn. This saying fits you well because you're not the type of person to let things bring you down. You know mistakes happen and you try not to have any regrets.

Live And...