Where Will You Live In 5 Years Based On These 10 Questions?

Where will you live in 5 years? You can find out based only on these ten questions! Make the right choices to find the place that is the best for you!

Question 1/10
How many languages can you speak?
Two or three
Four or more

Question 2/10
Do you like to travel?
I love to travel
I like to travel
I don't like to travel

Question 3/10
Which kind of economy would you like to have?

Question 4/10
How do you act around people who are different than you?
I treat them the same as the people who are the same as me
I treat them differently, but not badly
I ignore them
I don't like people who are different than me and I let them know it

Question 5/10
Are you afraid of the ocean or large bodies of water?

Question 6/10
You win a free trip! What type of place would you want to go to?
A big city
A lonely island
Somewhere full of culture
Somewhere exotic

Question 7/10
How well do you deal with authority figures?
I always treat them with respect
I respect them if they respect me
I treat authority figures poorly no matter how they treat me

Question 8/10
How often do you like to try new things?

Question 9/10
Would you be willing to blend in with new cultures if you moved?
It depends on what the culture is

Question 10/10
Which continent do you currently live on?
North America
South America
In five years you are most likely to live in North America. Luckily for you, there are a few countries in this area to pick from. Canada, the United States, or Mexico can make your home. There really is a place in this area for everyone with every taste.

North America
In five years you should live in South America. There are dozens of countries in this area, from Argentina, to Brazil, and more! This area has many unique cultures that mix together to make something wonderful. This is a great place for adventuerous people to live!

South America
When you are five years older you should like in Europe. The culture in this area is to die for, and there are numberous historical sites to visit--so many that you could live two lifetimes and never see them all! This is a graet place to live!

Five years from now you should live in Africa. This continent is as diverse as the people who live there. From the great Egyptian wonders to the many tribes in Africa, there are many walks of life in one large place. This area is huge, so there are many places to pick from.

You should live in Asia in five years. This continent is full of diversity and life. Some countries are tough, while others are full of life. There is something for everyone on the great continent of Asia!