Which Care Bear Are You?

Question 1/10
Which color are you most likely to wear?
None of the above

Question 2/10
Which sweet candy are you most likely to reach for?
Sweet Tarts
Cotton candy
Gummy bears

Question 3/10
What would you do if you saw a stranger crying in the middle of the sidewalk?
I would console them
Offer them a tissue and a hug
I would try to cheer them up
I would ignore them
I would ask if they need a friend

Question 4/10
Where are you most likely to be found at a party?
In the corner/sidelines
In the middle entertaining the crowd
Having a deep conversation
Making the rounds
Impatiently checking the time

Question 5/10
You and your boss are at odds over a new project. How do you react?
I try and compromise
I let them tell their side and then ask if they'll hear mine
I do the project anyway
I yell over them

Question 6/10
What kind of weather makes your mood bright?
Warm and sunny
Warm and breezy

Question 7/10
When a homeless person asks for money on the street, what do you say?
I ignore them and keep walking
I give them a few dollars
I offer them my spare change
I offer to buy them a meal instead

Question 8/10
Which children's book do you love the most?
Harold and the Purple Crayon
Where the Wild Things Are
Goodnight Moon
The Giving Tree
Love You Forever

Question 9/10
Which word resonates with your personality the most?

Question 10/10
How do you express your affection to those you love?
With hugs
With my words
Through nice gestures
I don't express my affection
Through gifts
The Care Bear you are most like is Funshine Bear! Much like you, Funshine Bear always looks on the sunny side of life. He is happy, perky, and ready to meet each new day head on. Aside from Funshine's ceaseless optimism, he is also a loyal and caring friend who would do anything for someone in need.

Funshine Bear
The Care Bear you are most like is Cheer Bear! Much like you Cheer Bear is always happy, perky, and optimistic. Her goal has always been to help everyone be as joyous and happy as she is, even if they're not feeling particularly positive. Just like this Care Bear, your bouncy spirit could lift even the lowest of moods.

Cheer Bear
The Care Bear you are most like is Grumpy Bear! Much like Grumpy Bear, you have a tendency to be a bit cynical and surly. You often feel like the black sheep of your friends and family, even though you serve an important role in both groups. Like Grumpy Bear, you may appear to always be in a bad mood, but that has never stopped you from helping a friend who is in need. Cynical, surly, and rarely happy, Grumpy is very much the black sheep of the Care Bear Family. While at first it may seem like he's in the completely wrong line of work, he occupies a very particular niche among his bubbly bear brethren, and is often relegated to helping grumpy kids.

Grumpy Bear
The Care Bear you are most like is Tenderheart Bear! Much like Tenderheart you are kind, attentive, and level headed. You are a natural born leader who loves to bring others together and spread good will. Your goal is always to make others feel included and happy, even if they naturally feel out of place.

Tenderheart Bear
The Care Bear you are most like is Wish Bear! Much like Wish Bear you are always concerned with helping others achiever their goals and find happiness. You hate to see others suffer and are always going the extra mile to help those around you find their place in the world and feel whole.

Wish Bear
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You might have already identified which Care Bear you feel you are most like way back in the 80s, but what Care Bear really suits your personality best? Take these 10 questions and find out!