Do You Actually Belong In the Elizabethan Era?

The Elizabethan era is the time period that take place during the reign of Elizabeth I and boy was it a time of contrast! Positivity and optimism was rampant and Shakespeare was writing his classics. Yet, things were so different than they are today! Do you think you may actually belong in the Elizabethan era? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Has anyone ever described you as an old soul?
Yes, all the time.
Maybe once or twice.
Not that I can recall.

Question 2/10
Do you wear glasses or contacts?
I wear huge thick glasses!
I wear contacts.
I wear readers.
I have perfect vision.

Question 3/10
How many books would you say you read per year?
At least 12.
Maybe 5 or 6.
1 or 2 if I'm feeling ambitious.

Question 4/10
Can you speak any languages other than your own?
Nope, just my native tongue.
Yes, including Latin!
Yes, one or two.
Not yet, but I'm learning.

Question 5/10
Do you ever talk politics or religion at the dinner table?
Yes, I love a good debate.
No, it's bad taste.
If the topics come up on their own.

Question 6/10
When getting dressed in the morning, you think in terms of...
Social standing

Question 7/10
Are you the type who always feels cold?
How'd you know?
In the winter, not in the summer.
Nope, I run pretty hot actually.

Question 8/10
You like to prepare your meals...
From scratch.
From the freezer.
From a takeout box.

Question 9/10
What modern invention could you never live without?
Curling iron
Filtered water

Question 10/10
What are your thoughts on chamberpots?
Ew, gross!
They had their purpose.
Well, when nature calls...
You most definitely belong in the Elizabethan era! Are you secretly Shakespeare in disguise? Well, even if you're not you sure would have enjoyed life in the Elizabethan era. You're a total creative and someone keen on acquiring as much knowledge as you can. You have a great baseline knowledge on a variety of topics and also possess great penmanship. You know how to get your way and you also know how to make connections! You would have thrived.

Most Definitely Elizabethan!
You're somewhat Elizabethan in your sensibilities! In the modern day, you love your gadgets, but can do just fine without them too. You know how to communicate orally and in writing, a rarity in today's text heavy world. You're creative and outside the box, often falling head first into new projects or artistic endeavors. As long as you could have held your tongue on certain taboo topics, you would have thrived in this era!

Somewhat Elizabethan
You're not very Elizabethan at all! You're a strong woman who is all about modern values and being progressive. You're not keen on learning a bunch about every topic, instead on focusing on the topics that are near and dear to your heart. You don't like authority or direction, which would have put you at heavy odds with the queen herself. Simply put; no one tells you what to do, except for you!

Not Elizabethan At All