Which Two Words Describe Your Mother In Law?

Sometimes a mother in law is truly a second mother, and other times...not so much! Do you know which two words you would use to describe your mother in law? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
When choosing a gift for your mother in law, you're often filled with...
Good cheer

Question 2/10
Where does your spouse fall in the birth order?
They're the oldest
They're in the middle
They're the youngest

Question 3/10
You see that your mother-in-law is calling. What does she typically want?
Just to have a nice chat
To ask about my day
To complain about something I've done
To talk to my spouse
To ask about the kids

Question 4/10
Your mother-in-law goes ahead and plans a vacation away on the same day as your anniversary. When you explain the situation, she…
Completely understands your side
Understands but it is a bit upset
Calls me selfish
Offers to reschedule
Hangs up the phone

Question 5/10
Has your mother in law ever seen your house in a state of chaos?
Almost every time she comes
Once and awhile
I'd never let her see the house like that

Question 6/10
It's your birthday. Where is your mother in law?
Watching the kids so I can have some me time
Planning a special get together
Mocking my age
Making plans to appear busy
Baking me a cake

Question 7/10
Does your spouse view his mother as totally infallible?
Yes, they think she can do no wrong.
No, they recognize that everyone has flaws.
Sometimes they choose her over me.

Question 8/10
You just went out for dinner with your mother in law, who pays the bill?
I do
We split it in half
She does
We both laugh and play rock paper scissors

Question 9/10
You cooked a dish for Thanksgiving that turned out to be a flop. How does your mother in law react?
She makes sure to bring it up over dinner
She privately assures me that it happens to us all
She thanks me for trying
She makes noises of disgust during dinner

Question 10/10
You've had a rough few weeks when your mother in-law walks in on you feeling emotional. She...
Offers a shoulder to cry on
Tells you to toughen up
Pretends to care then gossips about me
Guides me and consoles me
The two words that describe your mother in law are brilliant and wonderful! You could not have asked for a better mother in law. Not only is she supportive just like your own mother, but she treats you like a daughter. You won the mother in law lottery!

Brilliant And Wonderful
The two words that can be used to describe your mother in law are supportive and kind! Your mother in law always has your back. Not only does she do little things to help make your life easier, but she's always thinking of little ways to make you smile!

Supportive And Kind
The two words that describe your mother in law are nosy and involved! Unfortunately, you've got one nosy mother in law. She loves to know what you're doing and why you're doing it all times. With a love of interjecting, she can always find a reason to criticize or put in her two cents.

Nosy And Involved
The two words to describe your mother in law are judgmental and harsh. Unfortunately, your mother in law isn't always fair to you. Often times you leave her home feeling judged and frankly kind of bad about yourself. Speak up and tell her how you feel, you may reach a turning point in the relationship.

Judgmental And Harsh
The two words to describe your mother in law are warm and welcoming! In the eyes of your mother in law, the more the merrier. She's as accepting of you as her own children. She loves you despite your flaws and setbacks just like your own mother would.

Warm And Welcoming