Which Year Fits Your Personality?

Different personalities belong in different years, but do you know which year best fits your personality? Take these 10 questions and find out which year truly suits you!

Question 1/10
What's one thing you could never live without?
My family
My computer
My friends
My car

Question 2/10
Which slang term could you see yourself using?
Party pooper
Dig it?
As if
Right on

Question 3/10
Which of these celebrities do you wish you could have dinner with?
Marilyn Monroe
Paul Newman
Mary Tyler Moore
Oprah Winfrey
Michael Jackson

Question 4/10
What are you occasionally paranoid about?
The dark
The government
Being spied on
Nuclear bombs

Question 5/10
Which activity is right up your alley?
Going to the movies
Going to a concert
Staying in and watching TV

Question 6/10
What would you rather live through?
A revolution
A war
High school

Question 7/10
What would you most like to go back in time and fix?
My first date
My wedding
High school
My prom
I'd never want to relive any of these things

Question 8/10
What must your ideal mate be able to do?
Protect me
Comfort me
Make me laugh
Inspire me
Confide in me

Question 9/10
Which game show prize would you most want to take home?
A new car
A cruise
An appliance package
A patio set
Cold hard cash

Question 10/10
What is a woman's greatest asset?
Her intelligence
Her strength
Her charm
Her empathy
Her body
The year that best suits your personality is 1967! You're a free spirit who has always been committed to fighting for a good cause. You believe that all people are equal and always preach love, peace, and understanding amongst all men and women.

The year that best suits your personality is 1984! You're a fun loving girl who just likes to cut loose and have a good time. You believe in the concept of work hard play hard and are always looking to try something new. You're adventurous, bold, and confident!

The year that best suits your personality is 1991! You're a tech savvy individual who is obsessed with innovation and all things new. You're always trying out the latest gadget and have never shied away from leaning into progress.

The year that best suits your personality is 1975! The things that are most important to you are friends and family. Without these two things, you would find life to be rather meaningless. You're the type of person who loves to host big barbecues and get togethers for all your best pals.

The year that best suits you is 1950! You're a wholesome person who loves simplicity and the old fashioned way of doing things. You yearn for a time when meals were home cooked and letters hand written. You truly wish you could have been the age you are now back in 1950.