Can We Guess How Your Kitchen Looks?

The place where you do your cooking always has a certain charm to it. What does yours look like?

Question 1/10
If your friend offered to get together for dinner, what would you do?
Offer to make reservations
Offer to have the dinner at your home
Offer to order out

Question 2/10
What would you say your style is like?

Question 3/10
You have to bring treats to a party. What would you most likely do?
Bring a box of cookies
Cook up some brownies from scratch
Cook something from scratch

Question 4/10
What's does your diet mostly consist of?
Mostly healthy things
A bunch of junk food and frozen meals
Mostly sweets

Question 5/10
Which of these would you like most in your kitchen?
Stainless steel appliances
Copper cookware
Bright colors
A sense of timelessness

Question 6/10
Pick a countertop material
Butcher block
Reclaimed wood
Colored concrete
Anything pure white
Natural limestone

Question 7/10
Pick an accessory
Ornate candlesticks
Handmade pottery
A colorful tablecloth
Fresh vegetables on the table

Question 8/10
Have you updated your kitchen recently?
Yes I have
No I haven't

Question 9/10
Choose a cooking ingredient
Salt and pepper
Organic herbs
Olive oil

Question 10/10
Choose a color palette
Black and white
Dark brown
Yellow and white
As many colors as possible
Blue and white
You have a more rustic theme to your kitchen. The walls and cabinets are probably of a darker color making the room feel like a cozy cabin. You probably have rustic décor such as a butcher block table or old mason jars. One things for sure, your kitchen is certainly cozy.

You tend to have a more traditional theme to your kitchen. Throughout the space you probably have a emphasis on medium and dark tone wood. You're kitchen also is comprised of wooden cabinets and possibly hardwood or tile floors.

You tend to have a more modern theme to your kitchen. Your kitchen has an abundance of stainless steel appliances which works well with the theme. Your kitchen has a clean and sleek look about it.

Your kitchen tends to have a more cottage them to it. The painted cabinets and vintage appliances and furniture placed without gives it a friendly vibe.

You're kitchen tends to have more of a trendy feel to it. It's comfortable and it's not too formal and not too sparse. You tend to have the latest in appliances and furniture decorating your space.