Everyone Has A Smell That Matches Their Personality. Here’s Yours!

Scent is one of the most powerful senses in the body. It connects to both past, present, and future. Everyone has a distinct smell that matches their personality. Do you know yours? Answer these 10 quiz questions truthfully and we'll reveal the scent hat best encompasses you! Ready to sniff out some answers? Hit start!

Question 1/10
What gives you the motivation to wake up in the morning?
My family
Reading the news
Taking a shower

Question 2/10
Which of these businesses do you think smells the best?
Home Depot
Bath and Body Works
Bed Bath and Beyond

Question 3/10
Which of your senses would you want heightened?

Question 4/10
Which fictional candle name are you drawn to?
Sunny Autumn Day
Garden Oasis
Salty Shores
Cocktail Hour
Seattle Cafe

Question 5/10
Anyone can stop and smell the roses. But which floral scent is actually your favorite?
Sweet pea

Question 6/10
Where do you like to spray your perfume?
Under my arms
In my hair
On my wrists
On my neck

Question 7/10
Which season do you like forward to all year long?

Question 8/10
Which freshly made food's aroma do you love the most?
Chocolate chip cookies
Apple pie
Cinnamon rolls
Roasted garlic

Question 9/10
Where do you go to relax and unwind?
My house
The local park
The beach
A quaint cafe
A library

Question 10/10
Which color best reflects your mood most days?
You're just like the smell of freshly cut grass! When you mow the lawn, you are in all of your glory. You don't even consider it a chore. The smell delights your senses and takes you right back to your child hood spent outdoors. You're a free spirit who truly feels recharged in nature. No wonder the smell of grass brings out the best in your spirit!

Freshly Cut Grass
You're just like the smell of a salty ocean breeze! Since you were a kid, you've always loved going to the beach just to get a sniff of the waters. You're a highly positive and optimistic person who enjoys spreading your joy to others. Even though you're sad from time to time, you see the bigger picture and always find a reason to smile.

Ocean Breeze
Your personality is just like the smell of vintage books! You're an old soul who seriously comes to life in an old library or bookstore. You love just browsing the aisles and picking up your new favorite story. A bit of a homebody, you much prefer nights in to nights out on the town. Your perfect day entails a good novel, a roaring fire, and plenty of tea to go around. Maybe even a kitty on your lap for good measure!

Old Books
Your personality is like the smell of freshly brewed coffee! Brilliant and invigorating, you're like a kick of caffeine to the senses. You've got a rich personality that is complex yet familiar. You also produce a subtle warmth that makes those around you feel instantly at ease and known. You're like a comforting cup of coffee on a chilly day!

You're like the smell of citrus! Bright, lively, and energetic. You're the one who is always motivating friends and family to get up and go! You live for adventure and bright sunny days. You don't sweat the small stuff and you never let life's unpredictable nature get you down. You're a hopeful optimist who always looks on the bright side.