How Trustworthy Are You?

We all have varying degrees of trustworthiness. Do you think we could trust you with a secret? Take this quiz and find out just how trustworthy you really are!

Question 1/10
How important to you is it to have a good reputation amongst your peers?
It's too late for that
Very important
Somewhat important
Important but not necessary
I don't care what anyone thinks

Question 2/10
Be completely honest, how well can you keep a secret?
I am a vault
I'd never tell someone else's secret
I can do it, but I often have to tell one or two people
It's difficult for me
I can't keep a secret

Question 3/10
How often do you partake in gossip?
If it's lighthearted
More than I'd like to admit
All the time

Question 4/10
Do you share everything with your significant other?
Depends on the secret
I don't have a significant other

Question 5/10
Would you ever check someone's text messages or emails without them knowing?
Absolutely not!
I don't think so
That's an invasion of their privacy
It depends on if I have a reason to or not

Question 6/10
If you already had a significant other, and another person flirted with you, would you flirt back?
No way, that's cheating
No that'd be uncomfortable
Maybe if it's harmless
Yes it doesn't mean anything
Of course it's just fun

Question 7/10
What word would you use to describe yourself?

Question 8/10
If your best friend were to tell you that she was cheating on her husband, what would you do?
Tell her husband
Tell her to be honest with him
Keep her secret
Share it with all of our friends

Question 9/10
What are your thoughts on lying?
It's never acceptable
A little white lie doesn't hurt
I try not to lie but it happens
A lie or two never killed anyone
I do it when necessary

Question 10/10
How often do you talk about your co-workers behind their back?
It's just part of working in a office
Sometimes if it's in jest
More than I'd like to admit
You are extremely trustworthy. Friends and family always go to you with their secrets and big problems, because they trust that you will keep them safe and never use them in a malicious way. You are an amazing listener and confidant.

Extremely Trustworthy
You are very trustworthy and highly dependable! You are responsible, steady, and true blue. You would never betray the trust of a friend or loved one. Friends look to you for advice and understanding.

Highly Dependable
You are honest with a capital H. You have a hard time telling any kind of lie, because all you think about is the negative outcomes that lie may bring. Instead you are up front, honest, and trustworthy. Friends know they can trust you with just about any secret.

Honest with a capital H
You are somewhat trustworthy and highly reputable. You don't see the harm in telling a white lie if it is used to protect someone's feelings. And though you would never betray the trust of a loved one, you have been known to partake in some light hearted gossip from time to time.

Super Reputable
You can be slightly unreliable at times. Though your friends and family mean everything to you, you often have a hard time keeping secrets and promises. We all struggle with these things sometimes. The important thing is that you are never malicious or deceitful in a way that hurts others. You always take people's feelings into consideration!

Slightly Trustworthy