What Type Of Lady Boss Are You?

You're confident, self assured, and ready to take on the world, but what kind of lady boss are you really? Ready to find out what type of lady boss you really are? With these 10 quiz questions, you can find the answers you seek!

Question 1/10
What do you want most:

Question 2/10
What type of company would you like to run?
A magazine
A restaurant
A design firm

Question 3/10
On a scale of 1-5, how confident are you? (5 being the most confident.)

Question 4/10
Who makes the tough decisions in your life?
I do.
My friends.
My partner.
My parents.

Question 5/10
When things don't go your way, you...
Brush it off and move on.
Always keep my cool.
Have a breakdown.
Look for a solution.

Question 6/10
Do you plan on getting married one day?
Yes, but not anytime soon.
Hopefully one day.
Nope, it's not a part of my plan.
I'd have to meet someone pretty special.

Question 7/10
What kind of attire would you want to wear to work everyday?
Business casual
Suits and dresses

Question 8/10
What would you spend your first million on?
A new car
A beach or mountain house
A new wardrobe
I'd help my friends and family

Question 9/10
Is your word law?
Yes, it is!
Most of the time.
Almost never.

Question 10/10
Choose a hashtag:
When it comes to being a lady boss, you're a true mover and shaker! You're all about forging meaningful connections, socializing, and climbing that corporate ladder. You're not afraid to take big risks, especially if they could turn into epic rewards. You're going to make it to the top, because you know just what it takes to succeed!

The Mover And Shaker
When it comes to being a lady boss, you're a straight shooter! You're as open and honest as they come. Rather than beating around the bush, you're always direct and straight forward about what you mean and what your intentions are. You don't mess around and you always give every project your all!

The Straight Shooter
When it comes to being a lady boss, you're a total media savant! You rely on social media and connecting with others as your means to making an impact. You believe that putting yourself out there is the only way to truly forge meaningful relationships and understand other people's perspectives.

The Media Savant
When it comes to being a lady boss, you're a total dreamer! You may seem pretty tough and edgy, but in reality, you're a softie who just wants everyone to get a long. While working, you're driven to succeed and highly ambitious. At home, you just want a quiet and simple life where you can enjoy the benefits of all your hard work.

The Dreamer