Which European Food City Should You Visit?

Have big dreams of eating your way through Europe? It's time to find out which underrated European food city you should actually visit? You might just find yourself booking that flight!

Question 1/10
One should always start the day off on the right foot. What are you having for breakfast?
Yogurt and granola
Eggs and sausage

Question 2/10
Pick a morning beverage:
Orange juice
Chai tea

Question 3/10
After a bit of sightseeing, it's time for lunch. What would you like to have?
Hot dog
Grilled cheese
Mixed greens

Question 4/10
Everyone could use an afternoon pick me up. Which will you choose?
Cheese and crackers
Soft pretzel
Hummus and pita
Coffee and scone

Question 5/10
While strolling the streets you're feeling peckish, what will you grab from a street vendor?
Ice cream sandwich
Fresh sliced fruit
Chicken and rice
Candied figs
Roasted nuts

Question 6/10
When you're feeling parched, you always reach for...
Tap water
Sparkling water
Fresh fruit juice

Question 7/10
What would you like to have for an appetizer?
Shrimp cocktail
Mushroom tapas

Question 8/10
What would you like to have for dinner?
Roasted chicken
Lamb and rice
Salmon with a glaze
Beers and brats

Question 9/10
What will you be drinking with dinner?
White wine
Red wine

Question 10/10
What's for dessert?
Cream puff
Ice cream
Cherry tart
The European food city you should visit is Bordeaux, France! Who needs Paris, when you can enjoy the rich red wines and butter laden foods of Bordeaux! Whether it's the comfort of a delicious roast chicken or a delicate pastry, Bordeaux has a foodie like you covered!

Bordeaux, France
The European food city you should visit is Modena, Italy! As the King of cheese and rich dishes, Modena is a comfort food lover's paradise. Whether it's a rich and cheesy pasta or a decadent dessert, a homey comfort craving lady like you would love to spend some time in Modena!

Modena, Italy
The European food city you should visit is Reykjavik, Iceland! As an adventurous eater, there's nothing that you wouldn't try at least once. While others might revel in familiar foods from home, you're all bout diving into a new culture head first. You'd love exploring this rich city's unique take on food!

Reykjavik, Iceland
The European food city that you should visit is Berlin, Germany! Craving apple strudel and soft pretzels? You're in luck! Berlin has got you covered. If you love rich comfort foods, delicious sausages, and all the beer you can handle, then you'll feel right at home in this German city.

Berlin, Germany
The European food city you should visit is Thessaloniki, Greece! You're the type of person who appreciates eating healthy. You prefer foods that are fresh, seasonal, and organic. You're not much for rich or heavy foods and often tend to eat many light meals throughout the day. Thessaloniki will offer you all of the fresh and flavorful grub you crave without all the extra heft!

Thessaloniki, Greece