Which Nail Polish Name Describes You?

Since 3,000 BC, people have been painting their nails! Needless to say, that's allowed plenty of time for companies to come up with some pretty creative names. With so many unique shade names to choose from, which best describes you? Let's find out which hue you are with this colorful quiz! The results may just surprise you.

Question 1/10
You just did the laundry. Where are most of your clothes?
Piled on a chair.
In the laundry basket.
Folded neatly.
Hung up.
On a pile, in the corner.

Question 2/10
Speaking of clothes, which color dominates your closet?
Mostly neutrals.
Red and pinks.
It depends on the season.

Question 3/10
You need to grab a few things at the local farmer's market. How long will it take you to get ready?
About 10 minutes.
Five minutes or less.
About 20 minutes.
A half hour.
It depends how I feel.

Question 4/10
What color would you not be caught dead in?
I can make anything work

Question 5/10
At what length do you generally wear your hair?
Pixie cut
Chin length
Shoulder length
Middle of my back
Down to my bottom

Question 6/10
Be honest, are you more serious or playful?
Serious- life demands it.
Playful- life's too short.
It depends on the day.

Question 7/10
If it's your job to throw a party for a good friend, where is it going to go down?
A bar.
The outdoors.
My backyard.
A roller rink.
Eh, I'm not much for parties!

Question 8/10
Who does your nails?
I do, I like to save the money.
I get them done at a salon.
My friend does them.
It depends on my funds that month.

Question 9/10
If we're spending a day at the beach, what would you consider to be the most fun thing to do while we're there?
Getting a tan
Day drinking
Reading a book

Question 10/10
You're flying solo at home tonight, just you and Netflix. What are you watching?
You're most like the famed OPI shade, 'Silent Mauvie!' What's better than a nail polish pun ? You of course! You may be quiet and introverted, but you're far from boring. Like this shade, you don't always stand out from the crowd, but your personality shines when you choose to let it be seen!

Silent Mauvie- OPI
You're most like the famed nail polish name, 'Sand of A Beach,' by Essie! Relaxed, humorous and seriously laid back. You don't sweat the small stuff and you definitely don't take yourself too seriously. While others worry about how they're perceived, you just go with the flow and do your thing.

Sand Of A Beach-Essie
The famous nail polish shade that describes you is , 'Scarlett O'Hara' by Essie! A hopeless romantic who leads life with passion. You never hold back from sharing your true feelings or speaking your truth. Confident and outspoken, you've never been one to hold your tongue.

Scarlett O'Hara-Essie
The nail polish shade that describes you is 'Ballet Slippers!' Quiet, demure and sort of reserved, you aren't one to stand out from a crowd or share your opinion. While some people crave the spotlight, you're just fine being a quiet observer, living life on the fringes and being your truest self.

Ballet Slippers-Essie
You're like the famed shade 'Russian Navy!' Strong, bold, and totally confident in who you are. You know that you don't have to be flashy or make a fuss to stand out. In fact, you barely even try! Instead, you focus on being your most authentic and down to earth self. Who needs bells and whistles anyway?

Russian Navy- OPI